Starting matchID

run it with docker

Starting a development matchID server

install video on yu

A laptop with >8Go configuration is recommended to have a first look at matchID. Good performance needs higher computational resources (the higher the better : 16-cores + 128Go will be 15x faster than a laptop, we tested up-scaling to 40-cores getting to 40x faster).

matchID uses make and Docker to accelerate the installation of dependencies. You’ll first have to install Docker and docker-compose.

Clone the project and go into it:

git clone
cd backend

If your host does not have Docker on it yet, your should install it first (only tested with Ubuntu 16.04) :

make install-prerequisites

If you’re running on other systems (like MacOS) you should go to the official Docker install page, and don’t forget to install docker-compose too.

Note: when working in a private network you’ll have to pass proxies. If you’re behind a reverse proxy, you may have to declare them in your ENV:

export http_proxy=
export https_proxy=

Don’t forget to configure your host technologies (apt | apk | yum & docker).

Now you can start the tutorial mode which downloads, compiles necessary stuff, and launches the backend, frontend as well as elasticsearch :

make start

This may take some time as this handles multiple actions. See the architecture to discover more about the components.

Any problems ? Check the troubleshooting section.

Now, you can go to your matchID server :

matchID projects view